1.     Can I add the Checkout button on the product pages, alongside the Shop Page?

Yes. This plugin lets you choose whether or not you want to enable a quick checkout for your single product pages. So if you want to add a checkout button to your product details pages, just tick the checkbox dedicated for this purpose.

2.     When do I need to buy Digital Goods for WooCommerce Checkout Pro Plugin, and when is its free version enough?

Using the free Digital Goods for WooCommerce Checkout Pro Plugin, you can exclude any number of fields or the order note from the checkout page for your whole store. If that’s your only requirement, go ahead with the free version. However, to utilize the advanced settings and features, you will need the premium plugin.

The Pro version of this plugin will let you create a custom list of categories, tags, and products for which you want to enable quick checkout, enable quick checkout for a few user roles, and do a lot more (as explained in the documentation above), alongside what free plugin is doing.

3.     Will this plugin let me disable/exclude fields for physical goods too?

No. This plugin works for digital goods only. If your product is not virtual or downloadable and requires shipping, it won’t work for you.

4.     Is this plugin multi-lingual?

No. It does not support WPML yet.

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