Excluding One or Multiple fields from Checkout

Billing address, shipping address, delivery time, contact number and dozens more such information about your customers could be of utter importance while the physical delivery of a product has to be undertaken. 

However, making your digital good purchasers fill all these fields will frustrate them only. So, to help you simplify things for virtual product buyers in your store, you should disable unnecessary fields for them.


Well, use Digital Goods for WooCommerce Checkout Plugin – Either its free version or Pro, because both have this essential feature.

Go to General Settings > Settings and click on the blank field opposite to ‘Select Exclude Field on Checkout’. It will open a dropdown list of all the form fields that are being rendered on the checkout page. Choose the field you want to exclude.

Excluding One or Multiple fields from Checkout

Repeat the same and add as many fields in this section as you want.

Later on, save your settings to make this configuration work for your store.

Doing so will make the selected field optional for the customers who have digital goods in their cart.


Let’s say that you do not want the fields like billing address, billing city, billing address two, billing country and billing state when your buyer's checkout with all/selected digital goods in their cart. So, just exclude these fields from the checkout page.

For this, add the required form fields (as stated above) in the column opposite on ‘Select Exclude Field on Checkout’, as:

Digital Goods For WooCommerce Checkout

Now, while placing an order, your customer will have to fill the remaining fields only, i.e. –

Excluding One or Multiple fields from Checkout

Exclusion of unnecessary fields will decrease the time being spent on filling the checkout form while decreasing the trouble of adding trivial information for the buyer, at the same time.

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