Block Fraud Customers By Domain

With this plugin, Store owner can add multiple blacklisted domains and subdomain addresses. So blacklist customers can not place an order with the blacklisted domain address in your shop.

For e.g: If you want to block all the users domain then, you need to add in Domain text area as you can see in the below screenshot.

1. Screenshot for add the domains to block during place an order:

This field will block the domain and all the subdomains of the main domain.

For e.g: It will block also blocks,, etc...

Custom error messages for blacklisted  Domain

With this setting, you can add a custom blacklist domain error message which you want to show the user when the blacklist domain found.

2. Screenshot for how to add custom message for blocked Domains users at checkout page:

Custom error messages for blacklisted Domain

Once user add any domain in email address field then, it will block like below screenshot and user unable to place an order.

3. Screenshot for front side user message blocked by domain:

In above screenshot, we can see that user is blocked by domain which is added in first screenshot settings text box.

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