Pre-Purchase Related Queries

1. How to make a purchase from DotStore?

After opening the product page in the DotStore, just follow these steps:

i. You must be seeing a ‘Purchase a License’ box on the right side of the landing page. Choose the type of your subscription (i.e. annual or lifetime) and license for the plugin (single site, 5 sites or unlimited sites) and click on the ‘buy now’ button.

ii. Thereafter, a pop-up will open on the screen. Fill in the required details, make payment and proceed.

iii. On successful payment, you will receive an email with your DotStore account’s credentials, a download link for the plugin, activation key and more. Using these, you can easily get started with the plugin.

If you have not selected a WordPress or WooCommerce plugin to purchase yet, you can check out the list of available DotStore plugins. From this list, click on the name of the plugin that you need and follow the above steps.

2.  Should I go for a lifetime license or the annual one?

If you are very sure about the long-term utility of our plugin for your online store, we would suggest you go for a lifetime license. It will be a pocket-friendly deal for you, as you won’t have to renew it every year. However, if you are still skeptical about the utility of the chosen DotStore plugin, or need it for the short-term purposes only then, go with the annual plan.

3.  Can I use the same plugin activation key for multiple websites I own?

It solely depends on the license type you have purchased. If your plugin license is on a ‘single site’ type, you cannot do so. However, for a 5-sites license, you can add the same activation key for up to 5 websites. Similarly, for the unlimited site license, you can use it for up to 25 websites. So, carefully choose your license type as per your needs.

4.  Which payment options are available for making a DotStore purchase?

You can make payment through VISA, Master Card, American Express or Discover Credit/Debit Card. It is possible to pay through PayPal too.

5.  I do not have any card/account among the payment methods allowed for making a purchase from your store. What should I do?

Worry not. Write an email to us and detail our representatives about the payment methods available at your end. We will collaborate and guide you through the custom purchase process.  

6.  Despite filling in all the details correctly, I am not able to complete the checkout process / seeing an error. How may I proceed?

We are extremely sorry about it. Please try re-validating the details you are filling, or try another browser. Also, make sure that the card/PayPal credentials, you are using, are correct. If nothing works out, please write to us, explaining the exact issue or error message. We will sort it out.

7.  Will the unlimited-site license work for any number of websites, or there is a limit?

It will work for at most 25 websites. We think this limit is more than enough.

8.  Are DotStore plugins multi-site?

Yes, our plugins work well with a multi-site setup. However, your license type will also play a role in deciding so. (Please refer to question number 3)

9.  Are your plugins WPML compatible?

A few of DotStore plugins are multi-lingual while others are not. Please go through the product page or documentation of the plugin to figure it out. Also, you can email us or reach out to us through the live chat option in your DotStore account to find it out.

10.  I am planning to come up with another online store within this year or so. Currently, I own one eCommerce store only. So, should I purchase a 5-sites license or single-site license? Will it be possible to upgrade later on?

DotStore has a smooth upgrade and downgrade process. You can opt for it at any time. For now, we would suggest you choose a single-site license. Once another store is live and operational for the customers, upgrade to the 5-sites license. In case your second online store takes more than a year to come into the business, you will save a significant amount of money. So, it is a cost-convenient and wise thought.

Note: You can write to us, whenever you need to upgrade or downgrade a plugin license. We will guide you in the process.