WPBricks FAQ Block Addons

Create an effective and dynamic FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section on your website. It allows you to add multiple FAQs and filter by category and tag-based 

Display your frequently asked questions using the Gutenberg FAQ Block Addons.

Note: Best use of FAQ Block Addons require  WPBricks Manager plugin.

How you can benefit from it:

If you want to increase the usability of your site, improve your business authority, and increase conversions, then you need to have an excellent FAQ section on your website.
  • Improve your customer’s experience.
  • Provide quick information to help customers make a purchasing decision.
  • Reduce the time your employees need to answer simple questions.
  • Increase your online visibility on Google and other search engines.
Key features
  • Easy to create FAQ block in Gutenberg block editor 
  • Create unlimited FAQs, with unlimited tag and category support
  • Create FAQ categories
  • Create FAQ posts and assign categories to them
  • Accordion FAQ layout that will fit any site
  • Smooth FAQ Accordion effect
  • Allow to filter or Display FAQ by category.

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