How To Go Through The Facebook Review Process

NOTE: The final step of this process requires you upload supporting business Documents to Facebook for approval.

Facebook has been making a lot of breaking changes to their platform which is affecting many users across many plugins which do automatic posting to Facebook.

The steps below are an outline of how to go through the review process, these steps simply aid in the process, the Facebook review team might leave comments as what additional information you must show them:

smart share wordpress plugin

Step by Step Process

1. Go to the app in and switch it to live mode

2. Before submitting the app go to  Settings->Basic and check the Support my own business option and save your changes:

smart share wordpress plugin

3. Click App Revie and then My Permissions and Features, check the approved Items available. In most cases, it will look like below.

Click Add additional permissions and features to add the needed permissions for ROP to be able to post. 

smart share wordpress plugin 01

Use the search box available to search for the  publish_pages and manage_pages permissions and click Request:

smart share wordpress

Once you’ve selected the permissions click Continue the Request at the top of the page:

smart share wordpress plugin

4. Click on the chosen permission:

smart share wordpress plugin 12

Set the reason as  Publishes articles and content from my website to my business page

smart share wordpress plugin we

5. Select Web as your platform:

smart share wordpress plugin for social media

6. The review process requires that you explain how the app is used, provide the text below: